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Face Serum Vegan Cranberry Orange with Q10


Our 100% organic and pure cold pressed oil from the seeds of this super fruit are a safe and potent Vitamin A boost to your day or night serums. This is the only known natural plant oil that has one of the highest ratios of Omegas 3, 6, and 9 essential fatty acids that help protect skin against environmental damage. Vitamin A is touted as having natural healing abilities.

This facial oil is best for skin that is combination and dry. Even skin with acne, eczema, or troubled areas can benefit with its natural healing properties if the complexion is on the drier side. A light application of Blue Bison Soapery Cranberry Sweet Orange Facial Serum also helps prevent the loss of moisture on the skin.

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This oil helps to protect skin with a natural veil of protection to fight free radicals and help prevent photo damage from environmental stresses and damaging UVA/UVB rays. Because of its ratio of essential fatty acids, Blue Bison Soapery’s Cranberry Sweet Orange Facial Serum gives the skin excellent antioxidant protection and nurturing benefits for the complexion. Applying these antioxidants topically on the skin before exposure to the sun and the environment allows them to protect where the damage occurs as they can go to work immediately.

Cranberry Sweet Orange Facial Serum can help to protect the skin’s texture and cellular structure and may help the healing process of inflamed tissues and upset skin after trauma.

It is moisturizing and naturally rich in Vitamins A and E. The potent antioxidants help fight against premature aging. It helps to calm irritated and injured skin. The high level of natural Vitamin A makes it suitable to help restore and heal inflamed tissues and minor skin upset on the surface.

Because of its benefits to fight free radical and environmental damage, it is a wonderful serum boost to your day serum each morning.


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